WordPress Lab with Debra SimpsonDo you have a WordPress site that you’d like to master so you can be more efficient, and effective, in your business? Do you want to make sure your site is secure so if something happened, your content would be safe? Or maybe you’d like to make sure you are creating a search engine friendly site so Google will visit often? How about being able to add image galleries, video and audio to make your site more content rich?

Then this 1 day WordPress Lab
is PERFECT for you!

I Have A WordPress Website, Now What?

You have a WordPress site and you know it’s a powerful tool. You just need to leverage it to your advantage.

Having a WordPress website means you can add new content and edit existing content on your schedule. No more waiting for a webmaster, or programmer, to find time to help you.

You also control your own SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, meaning you can help Google and the other search engines find your content. You don’t have to use an SEO specialist!

Now you just need to know how to harness all that power! This is what this workshop is all about!

In this WordPress Lab, you’ll discover how to:

  • maintain WordPress and your plugins.
  • create search engine friendly content.
  • add pictures, video and audio.
  • manage your sidebars.
  • find and change your theme.
  • add and edit content,
  • find audio and video content,
  • create an editorial calendar to keep you organized,
  • and a whole lot more!

What will you need?

This is a “hands on” lab. Hera Hub has WiFi access, so please bring your laptops. Lunch is included. Bring your business cards, too!

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