You Can Update Your WordPress Website Yourself
And Leave The Complicated Tasks For Your Webmaster!

Let Me Show You How To Save Time & Money By
Handling The Easy Tasks Yourself!

Online Four Week Course

I sent some podcast button code to a business owner I just interviewed. I suggested he put his other podcasts on his blog. He told me he would have to wait for his web guy. I told him I could help him put the code up to his WordPress site himself. He exclaimed “Wow, that would be great. I would save a lot of money!”

Debra gave me great advice on my new WordPress business site, advising me on which plug-ins to use and how to create settings that will make my site perform in search engines and protect my information.

Debra has an incredible depth of knowledge with the natural ability to communicate and train. It was a pleasure to work with her.

~ Cheri Carroll

Early in 2012 I hired Debra to consult with me on a WordPress website I was building. She quickly helped me through the problem issues I was having while educating me about the nuances of the system. Working with her was efficient and enjoyable. I have since recommended her to many of my marketing clients who need social media help. Debra is an excellent teacher and a great resource.

~Judith Balian

Online visibility using WordPress Workshop

I bet you just saw you need to update your plugins, right? Or maybe your theme needs updating? Yikes! Now you need to call your web guy, right?

You know you need to post to your blog, but you need your web guy to help you add any new content or make any changes to the content. Frustrating isn’t it?

Does it seem like too much to handle? What if YOU could do it yourself? How much would that save you, not only in time (waiting for the web guy), but also in money?

Let me show you how easy it can be to:

  • maintain WordPress and your plugins
  • create search engine friendly content
  • add pages, posts, pictures, video and audio
  • manage your sidebars, and more!

Together, in this webinar series, we’ll walk through your site. You’ll discover you have the ability to work with your WordPress site.

Debra has been a remarkable resource for building my professional content on the web. She lets me take baby steps and allows me to take a breath when I get a glimpse of the work ahead of me and I am overwhelmed by ideas. I look forward to having a “go to” presence at the end of 3 month coaching period and I am sure I will turn to Debra for additional information and coaching beyond that time as well. The possibilities are endless!

~ Jennifer Stewart
Ranch House Veterinary & Rehabilitation Services

I had the pleasure of working with Debra when I was launching a website and blog. Not only did she help me set up the WordPress site, she also was very patient in instructing me on how to maneuver around the site once it was up and running. Debra is a very cost effective option for small business owners who want to get stared with WordPress websites.

~ Nikki McNarry
Bare Elegance Waxing

This is why mastering your online essentials by blogging is so good for your business!

Welcome to Mastering Online Visibility Essentials With WordPress in 4 Weeks

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Settings, Backups & Plugins

Week One we’ll discuss your WordPress site settings, how to backup your site and the essential plugins as well as an overview of how to find and use plugins. I’m often asked if WordPress can execute a specific task and my reply is always….I’m sure there’s a plugin for that! You’ll also learn how to backup your site to keep it safe and secure!


Creating Pages and Posts

WordPress sites are page light and post heavy. You’ll learn when you need a page versus a post for your content. You’ll also learn how to add images to your content, as well as handle the SEO features for each of your pages or posts. You’ll also learn how to embed video into your content, keeping your visitors on your site for even longer (good for SEO). See a “visual editor” used live. A visual editor allows you to easily construct attractive pages without knowing any code.


Content Strategies

Week Three is all about content. How do you come up with content on a regular basis? Where do you find inspiration for content creation? You’ll learn how to monitor what others are doing, how to create a content calendar so you can plan your monthly themes and write content according to those themes. You’ll also learn about different content strategies and how you can keep your blog fresh and exciting.

Monetizing Your Site

Whether you have your own products, or look at using affiliate marketing, we’ll be talking about how to monetize your site. You’ll learn about affiliate marketing and how to find affiliates that are congruent with your message. You’ll discover how easy it can be to put together products you can sell from your site, creating a passive form of income.

This 4 week course starts on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 1:00pm and ends March 16, 2017.
The class will run for an hour, with an additional half hour allocated for questions.

Each class will be held in my webinar room and will be recorded and available to you whenever you want to refer to them.

Debra stepped in when I needed to have a web site that I could manage myself. She listened, created a website that is user friendly, looks great but more importantly spent time bringing me up to speed on how to add content. In addition her expertise in helping me use the social media platforms to promote my site has been invaluable, she understands the plight of the less techie people like myself.

~ Barbara Eldridge

Debra was great to work with when she created my web/blog site. She is a true professional. Once my WordPress site launched, I had great feedback from my clients. More than that, prospective clients contracted with me due in large part because my site conveyed a professional look and made them feel confident in my services.

~ Kaine Thompson
Emaginative Writing

So, are you ready to REALLY plug in and take control of your WordPress website.

Feel empowered to take complete control of your WordPress website!

All for ONLY $197!

Just think how much money you’d save!
Now, doesn’t $197 seem like a drop in the bucket?

4 Week WordPress starts Thursday, February 23, 2017 1pm PT.


Debra Simpson- Making the Web Work for You!

Debra Simpson is the epitome of an early adopter of technology. In fact, her fingers were flying across her first computer, a TRS-80 from Radio Shack in 1985 when the world wide web was still an international bulletin board!

Today, folks master the web with Deb as she shares low cost and  no cost marketing techniques that drive traffic and revenue.

Connecting People On-Line and Off-Line

When Debra started publishing a small business newspaper in North San Diego County, she recognized the value of building community by offering her members the opportunity to write for the paper. As web 2.0 emerged, Deb was at the forefront of creating engagement and content for a designated community of small business owners.

Translating Broadcasting Goals to Podcasting Needs

This early adopter joined the powerhouse publisher McGraw-Hill In 1995 to enter the brave new world of digital development. Relying upon her early tech wizardry, Debra built its New Media Division and later was awarded Author of the Year in the department . Leveraging the digital experience, she started podcasting to her niche of North San Diego small business owners.

Staying Current  & Cutting Edge

Working in the ever-changing tech world has taught Deb to understand its underlying theory. This practical approach makes her an easy-to-understand (and follow!) speaker at expos, small business conferences, and webinar presentations.

Traveling the World and Pursuing Adventure

A world-traveler by design, Deb uncovers hidden highlights of architectural and magical structures. Needless to write, wherever Deb is, she’ll find a way to connect to the web.

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