Why WordPress?Why use WordPress for your website? There are so many reasons, but the primary reason for using WordPress is how popular and how well supported it is. There’s a huge community of developers that keep WordPress fresh and relevant.

WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool for webmasters, business owners and bloggers that makes it incredible simple, quick and easy to build and manage powerful and feature rich websites. Additionally, for the website owner, WordPress makes it as easy to add content to your website as it is to open Microsoft Word and create a document. Creating links and adding images is as easy as creating them in a Word doc. Now, you, the website owner can control your website without having to rely on a third party to fit you into their schedule.

This fact means that there are countless blogs and websites out there right now that also run on WordPress and that can be very reassuring when you’re starting your own online project as it confirms that it certainly is possible to be successful using the platform. If a big name blogger can be a hit with WordPress, then certainly you can too!

Here then are some of the biggest and best-known blogs on the web that use WordPress…

Social Media Examiner
Social Media Examiner is one of the top social media websites. They pump out content every day through their own posts, as well as inviting guest bloggers to post on their site.

TechCrunch is a hugely popular tech site that deals with news, reviews and opinion relating to the technology niche. The site is visited by millions of people and it’s one of the leading authorities on technology.

The Verge
The Verge is a similar huge technology blog that once again has established itself as a ‘thought leader’ in this space.

BBC America
The BBC is one of the best respected institutions and is certainly considered professional. For the American site, the BBC was happy to put its trust in WordPress demonstrating a great deal of trust in the platform. The site is stark black and white which gives it a very modern appeal.

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Forbes is a news outlet that is again considered something of an authority. The site uses a minimal layout and attractive typography that uses a print-like serif and the whole thing looks very smart. It’s a little laden with adverts though which does slightly detract from the otherwise positive experience.

Four Hour Workweek
The Four Hour Workweek blog is the blog of author Tim Ferriss – a hugely influential figure in the self-help and productivity spheres. His blog is now one of his most successful projects and is no doubt highly profitable demonstrating just how much success one person can have with a WordPress blog.

Smart Passive Income
In a similar vein is the SPI blog from Pat Flynn. This is a blog on making money online and again the author has managed to make a living from its success. No doubt the simplicity of the WordPress platform is a huge boon for Pat.

Sony Music
Another super-huge corporation, Sony has again chosen WordPress to represent it online. The site has a color palette that perfectly matches the company’s branding and is very effective at showing off the various labels and talent.

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