WordPress for BusinessWordPress is a CMS or ‘content management system‘. What this means is that it gives you a ‘backend’ where you can control the various aspects of your website such as updating content, adding and removing pages and changing the design. This is a huge advantage because it means that you don’t need to do any coding when you add a new blog post or make a tweak and this can end up saving you hours on end on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the framework provided by WordPress lets you build new websites in seconds. If you can open a Microsoft Word document, add content, images and links, then you can create your own content in WordPress.

There are multiple different CMS options available but WordPress is by far the best choice for most small businesses. Throughout this post we will look at why this is and why it’s always the best choice for setting up and running a new website.

A Proven Method

The first thing that makes WordPress such a good bet for small businesses is the simple fact that it is tried and tested – very tried and tested.
WordPress is the CMS that is used by the vast majority of websites on the net these days and that includes some of the very biggest and most successful blogs on the web. The BBC has a WordPress blog, so does Forbes and The Times and so do bloggers like Tim Ferriss and Pat Flynn. All this means that the potential for success is guaranteed. You know it is definitely possible to make a WordPress website immensely successful, you know that Google will index the site and generally you aren’t left doubting whether you maybe picked the wrong CMS and that’s led to problems.

Tons of Support

Another great thing about WordPress is the sheer amount of support out there. With WordPress being so immensely popular, you can rest assured that web designers, ‘IT guys’ and anyone else you speak to will be familiar with it. This can be helpful if you want to add a new feature, if you want to redesign or even if you’re selling the site. WordPress’ website offers forums where you can search for specific information on any aspect of WordPress. In addition, a search on YouTube will yield you many WordPress “how to” videos, including my Web With Deb YouTube channel.

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Plugins are apps that you can install through your website to give your site and your backend more features. This can mean choosing from more fonts, it might mean adding a powerful widget or it could mean a million other things. If you ask yourself, I wonder if I could do that, on your WordPress site, I guarantee you there’s probably a plugin for that. When looking at the plugins to install, you can see if they are compatible with your version of WordPress. You can also see how recently the plugin was updated, so you know the plugin is being supported. The point is, again owing to the huge number of users, WordPress has a gigantic roster of plugins with new ones being released all the time. Each one is a new possible feature for your website!

All in all, WordPress is a robust platform, allowing you as a non-programmer, to be able to add content to your site any time you want. That keeps the search engines happy to, because they love fresh content. You post regularly and they’ll be back to check out, and index, your new content.

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