WordPress for your Small BusinessWhile WordPress is an incredibly powerful CMS that makes it very easy and quick to build and manage websites, that is not to say that it is ‘perfect’ and there are certainly some ways in which it could be better. While they are only very few, these drawbacks do mean that WordPress won’t be the right choice for every single business and it also means that you should be aware of the potential challenges when you first decide to start building a WordPress site.

Here we will look at some of the drawbacks of WordPress but do bear in mind that there are many more positive aspects which is why so many big blogs still choose to use the platform!

While WordPress is very powerful it is still a little limited in terms of what’s possible and you do sacrifice just a little flexibility in exchange for ease and speed.
If you were to build your website yourself from scratch for instance then you could do all kinds of fancy things with PHP, JavaScript or HTML5 if you so wished and could turn your navigation into a little computer game. With WordPress it can sometimes be a little fiddly even to make a site-wide change to your fonts – either you need to create a child theme or you need to install a plugin.

Speed and Security
Another problem with WordPress is that it can occasionally get a little bogged down under its own weight. Because it is built to cater to everyone, there will undoubtedly be features you don’t need which means your site could have been lighter and more streamlined. Furthermore, it means that there are a few security risks too – especially if you install lots of 3rd party plugins. Some of these security risks are a result of the platform’s sheer popularity even – the very fact that there are so many WordPress sites out there means that hackers have more impetus to build tools to start hacking them.

Finally, WordPress is so popular that the sites can end up looking a bit generic. While a custom theme can mix this up, you can still generally spot a WordPress site relatively easily and this can even risk making your site appear amateurish. It’s so easy to build a WordPress site that people won’t necessarily think ‘that’s a very professional looking site’, they might think ‘I could build that’.

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