Are you ready to use social media to market your business? I know it’s new, and a different way of marketing your services, especially since we didn’t grow up with all this new technology, let alone a cell phone? This may be your “encore” career. Or you may have been laid off because your firm wanted someone younger, with a working knowledge of blogging and social media. We’ll you’ve landed on the right site. You’ll learn the basics of the different social media sites, as well as blogging tips and video tips. I invite you to take advantage of my ebook, Creating A Community Around Your Brand, as a start towards understanding that social media is more than sharing photos of your food.

In this episode I’ll share with you some tips and resources for using social media.

Choosing to embark on a social media marketing campaign is only part of the issue. You have to go in with a real plan of action, understanding your goals, objectives and the tactics that you will use to create success.

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These are the document you can download to use for your social media management.

Social Media Brainstorming
Social Media Checklist
Social Media Tracker Spreadsheet

Social Influence, A guide to showing you how to attract more followers so you can generate a ton of traffic to your sites.

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