Facebook LabI Have A Facebook Page, Now What?

Facebook is a great tool to use for business, especially if you are Business to Consumer (B2C). Currently there are over one billion Facebook users. A sound Facebook page and strategy will help you grow your business, but how?

Facebook offers a business owner many ways to build a community, or tribe, at Facebook. You can build a relationship, and engage, your target market. You can offer contests to reward your community, or make offers like discounts.

You can build additional modules allowing you to show off your Pinterest Boards, or your Twitter Stream. You can easily market your events, whether they are held locally, or online.

In this Facebook Lab you’ll learn:

  • how to create a compelling cover.
  • how to create posts that engage your fans.
  • how you can leverage events on Facebook.
  • you can add custom pages for your Pinterest, Twitter and other social networks.
  • lead generation on Facebook.
  • how and when to use Facebook ads to reach your target market.
  • about groups and how to use them to build a tribe, and so much more!
Social Influence, A guide to showing you how to attract more followers so you can generate a ton of traffic to your sites.

Discover The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

You can become a social media influencer bringing more visibility and clients to your business. You'll learn about all the social media sites, how to find out when your "tribe" is online and how to engage them.

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