How To Attract Quality Clients With Your Own Facebook Community

  • Learn how you can attract the
    perfect client for your business.

  • Use your community to nurture
    and retain your current clients.

  • Help them grow their business
    through the information you share.

  • Learn how to connect your clients
    with each other to add value.

  • Be known by your clients as an
    influencer in your industry.

This is why building a community on Facebook is so good for your business!

Welcome to Building A Community On Facebook In 6 Weeks

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Page Set Up

Learn the ins and outs of setting up your page. You’ll discover what each of the settings is all about and how to secure your page. You’ll learn how to back up your site, keeping it save and secure. You’ll learn about plugins, what they are and how to use them. And much more!

Page Design

Discover the many ways you can use your page to attract your ideal clients. You’ll learn some of my tricks on how to design your page to promote your business and events. You’ll also learn how to create your own graphics for your page posts.

Posting Strategies

Week three is all about strategy. How do you get the most views possible from each post. You’ll discover how you can have a ton of content at your fingertips, so you’ll always have something to post. We’ll talk about content sources, images and video.

Event & Marketing Strategies

Discover more about creating events and new marketing strategies, including using live video on your page to engage your audience. You’ll also learn how I use Facebook at events I attend that bring more visibility to my business, and me.

It's All About The Numbers

Master insights to help you learn more about what your community wants. You’ll learn how to measure your post activity, see indicators of what your community likes…and doesn’t like. You’ll discover how to give your posts more reach and what are the ideal times during the day you’ll want to post.

Facebook Advertising

Become a master with Facebook ads. The beauty of Facebook ads is that you can pinpoint your target market. You’ll see how easy it can be to find people on Facebook who want what you’re business offers. Facebook advertising gives a lot of bang for your buck!

This 6 week course starts on
Tuesday, April 11th at 9am PT and ends May 16th.

The class will run for an hour,
with an additional half hour allocated for questions.

Each class will be held in my webinar room and will be recorded
and available to you whenever you need to review the module.

Feel empowered to build your community on Facebook.

All for ONLY $247

6 Week Building Your Community With Facebook

starts Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 9am PT.


Deb Simpson- Making the Web Work for You!

Debra Simpson is the epitome of an early adopter of technology. In fact, her fingers were flying across her first computer, a TRS-80 from Radio Shack in 1985 when the world wide web was still an international bulletin board!

Today, folks master the Web with Deb as she shares low cost and  no cost marketing techniques that drive traffic and revenue.

Connecting People On-Line and Off-Line

When Debra started publishing a small business newspaper in North San Diego County, she recognized the value of building community by offering her members the opportunity to write for the paper. As web 2.0 emerged, Deb was at the forefront of creating engagement and content for a designated community of small business owners.

Translating Broadcasting Goals to Podcasting Needs

This early adopter joined the powerhouse publisher McGraw-Hill In 1995 to enter the brave new world of digital development. Relying upon her early tech wizardry, Deb built its New Media Division and later was awarded Author of the Year in the department . Leveraging the digital experience, she started podcasting to her niche of North San Diego small business owners.

Staying Current  & Cutting Edge

Working in the ever-changing tech world has taught Deb to understand its underlying theory. This practical approach makes her an easy-to-understand (and follow!) speaker at expos, small business conferences, and webinar presentations.

Traveling the World and Pursuing Adventure

A world-traveler by design, Deb uncovers hidden highlights of architectural and magical structures. Needless to write, wherever Deb is, she’ll find a way to connect to the web.

Social Influence, A guide to showing you how to attract more followers so you can generate a ton of traffic to your sites.

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