This is the first video in a series about Building an Online Business. In this broadcast, you’ll learn what tools you can use to build an online community of people who love what you do and want to work with you.

I live in southern California. Right now we are knee deep in a drought. We’ve been mandated to cut back our water consumption by 25%. I believe it’s only going to get worse in future years, so hubby and I have decided to move out of the state in a few years. To that end I’ve been re-working my business to be more virtual in what I do so my income won’t be interrupted when we move.

There are so many tools to help you deliver your services virtually too. One way to work with your clients is through Google+ Hangouts On Air, but that’s another post.

The trend we are seeing in business now is all about building communities online, so we can cultivate brand advocates who love what we do and want to do business with us. We do need to decide who our ideal clients are, so sit down and develop that “personas”.  You need to discover what their needs and wants are so you can develop your content around their needs and desires.

Smart business owners who adopt this approach realize that their continued success and growth depends upon an engaged and interested customer base. They actively seek out and court this customer support by building a community around their business and brand. This community is, in a sense, a virtual neighborhood where members share an interest in the business and its brand. This virtual neighborhood of customers and potential customers provides you with an incredible advantage over your competitors who tend to view and treat their customers in a more impersonal manner.

So, how do we build this community of advocates for our business. In this video I’ll talk about blogging, forums, Facebook Pages and Groups, as well as Google+ Communities. Follow along this continued discussion by downloading my free ebook on building your virtual neighborhood. You should see the form come up on the site!

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