Facebook Pages 6 Week Course starts Tuesday, February 7th. Only $247!

Week one is all about setting up your page. You’ll discover what each of the settings is all about and how to secure your page.


Week two is all about page design. You’ll learn some of my tricks on how to design your page to promote your business and events. You’ll also learn how to create your own graphics for your page posts.


Week three is all about strategy. How do you get the most views possible from each post. You’ll discover how you can have a ton of content at your fingertips, so you’ll always have something to post. We’ll talk about content sources, images and video.


Week four we’ll discuss events and marketing strategies, including using live video on your page. You’ll also learn how I use Facebook at events I attend that bring more visibility to my business, and me.


We’ll be talking about Insights on Week 5. You’ll learn how to measure your post activity, see indicators of what your community likes…and doesn’t like. You’ll discover how to give your posts more reach and what are the ideal times during the day you’ll want to post.


Finally, in Week 6 you’ll learn how to place advertising on Facebook. The beauty of Facebook ads is that you can pinpoint your target market. You’ll see how easy it can be to find people on Facebook who want what you’re business offers. Facebook advertising gives a lot of bang for your buck!


Social Influence, A guide to showing you how to attract more followers so you can generate a ton of traffic to your sites.

Discover The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

You can become a social media influencer bringing more visibility and clients to your business. You'll learn about all the social media sites, how to find out when your "tribe" is online and how to engage them.

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